A traditional recipe of Terragnolo

Fanzelto (or fanzeltem) was invented to compensate for the shortage of wheat and therefore of white flour; it is a poor dish prepared with buckwheat (“formentóm”). You can taste it in Terragnolo, in Leno-Valley and also some restaurants in Vallagarina.

Ingredients (for 12 pieces)

  • 350 gr buckwheat
  • 5 dl water
  • 9 gr salt
  • pork lard (or extra virgin olive oil)


  1. While stirring, incorporate slowly buckwheat, salt and water until the dough is soft and creamy.
  2. Place in a non-stick pan a little bit of pork lard (or extra virgin olive oil). Put on fire. When the lard or oil will be hot, pour the dough thanks to a ladle, thus obtaining “Fanzelto”, frying on both sides.
  3. Serve hot together with cheese and slices of lucanica –sausage (“mortadela”).

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Which restaurants offer the typical “fanzelto” in Vallagarina?

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