Il Masetto

A small mountain hut in Terragnolo valley

Masetto’s kitchen is a multi-handed job that brings to the table the recipes and aromas of Trentino valleys.

“Il Masetto”, from the Trentino dialect “masét”, small mountain hut, is a dot surrounded by the woods of Terragnolo valley, where you can breathe the pure mountain air and where you never stop being amazed by the flavors of the territory.

With its menu it tells the unique stories of trusted local producers, who are chosen with care. The dishes are those of Trentino Alto-Adige cuisine: meat or vegetarian dumplings, “strangolapreti”, “schlutzkrapfen”, Storo polenta, lucanica, grilled cheese, baked rabbit, sauerkraut and many other delicacies.

Typical of Terragnolo is the fanzelto, made with buckwheat flour and served with cold cuts, cheeses and cabbage. The bread is homemade with sourdough, the cheese is made with the milk of the local goats, the desserts smell of apples and cinnamon, chocolate, carrots and almonds.

There are twenty-five seats in a room with a barrel vault and thirty outdoors, on large benches and tables in larch.

The “Masetto” was also reviewed in the Osterie d’Italia 2020 guide, along with other 1,656 places considered “the most authentic restaurants in our country”.

  • Environment: Alpine
  • Special dish: Gianni's "canederli", fanzelto
  • Seats: 25 inside and 30 outside
  • Spoken languages: Italian

Info and map

Il Masetto

Frazione Geroli
38060 Terragnolo (TN)

M: +39 349 2962189


Opening time

Opening hours:

  • in June, July and August open everyday
  • in September open on Saturday and Sunday.

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