Tasting Vallagarina

Observe the expanses of green vineyards that dominate the valley floor, the terraced fields dedicated to the cultivation of organic vegetables and the vast pastures where cows, sheep and goats graze the fresh mountain herbs.

Listen to the stories of local producers, they will tell you about the territory from its origins to today. Feel the breath of the wind that laps the crowns of the trees and offers symphonies of unique sounds from which illustrious characters such as Mozart took inspiration for their works.

Touch the juicy bunches that give life to the many excellent native wines and the rough organic vegetables of the Val di Gresta just extracted from the soft soil.

Breathe the fresh and clean air of the mountain with its undergrowth and the mild fragrances of lake Garda.  Test the aromas of Baldo’s herbs and flowers and the sparkling air rising from the vineyards at dawn. Smell the perfume of the autumnal wine must and yeast during the grape harvest.

Taste the typical products of the valley: dandelion and mixed flower honey, Baldo spices, goat and cow’s milk cheese, local salami and traditional dishes. Drink pure and genuine wine: Marzemino and Trento Doc will follow you everytime.

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