Chasing Mozart

A precious late-18th-century garden, a hidden paradise in the middle of the town

The graceful and cosy “Bridi – De Probizer” Garden was born from the connection of culture, music and friendship between Giuseppe Antonio Bridi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and it is a token of music’s harmony.

Surrounded by the greenery of this botanical paradise and walking through bicentennial trees, you could find some architectural wonders of the previous centuries. At the end of the wood, you will find another charming place with many plants species.

You will really appreciate this place, just like Mozart did, and you could stroll barefoot until the shade of “Tempietto dell’Armonia” (Harmony Temple).

Taste local flavours and wines, appreciated also by the great Mozart! If you wish you can either stay and relax in one of the rooms dedicated to famous characters, such as: F. Depero and  A. Rosmini.

Path suitable for:

  • Families with children
  • Young people (18-35 years old)
  • Couples
  • Small groups (from 5 to 40 people)


This experience is available from March until October, with early booking and it includes guided tour and final tasting (also with bad weather)
Length of time: 1 hour

We suggest

Comfortable clothing and shoes

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