Gabriele Moschini Butchery

Salted Meat and Speck since 1946

Since 1946, the Moschini Butchery of Ala has specialized in the production of salted meat and speck, and salami in general.

Throughout the years, the business, handed down from father to son, has grown and the products have improved to the point of rendering them niche products.

Today Gabriele Moschini passionately continues his family’s art in his shop, just a few minutes from Ala’s historic downtown. His company has basically two main products: salted meats and salamis.

You can also, upon reservation, find rabbit meat, free-range chicken, and organic eggs.
Gabriele will be happy to recommend the best of his products for the preparation of your favorite recipe!

We are members of Vacanze con Gusto!

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