From the ground to the table in one, easy click!

MangioTrentino was born of the idea of two young farmers: Tommaso and Matteo.

We are two friends and business partners collaborating in the cultivation of quality, organic fruits and vegetables,  with the goal of enhancing the neighboring area and its small, local productions. was born from an alternative way of doing the shopping, locally/at “km 0” hoping to easily put local, rural producers in contact with consumers.

In Bosco di Noriglio, in the town of Rovereto, we mainly produce organic vegetables and small fruit.  We sell directly – fresh, processed or semi-processed products which we produce in our laboratory. Noriglio is a small town about 4km from the downtown, precisely next to the fountain that dominates the panorama of the Leno valley.

Our products are seasonal, therefore we can always guarantee the freshest fruit and vegetables!

You can also order our available products from the comfort of your home:  vegetables, fruit, products and much more, such as eggs and marmalades.

The fresh products you order will be picked only at the moment of order preparation. That way they will reach your table no later than 24 hours after having been picked.

We can also make home deliveries upon prior agreement! Contact us!

We are members of Vacanze con Gusto!

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