Living nativity scenes

Where? Ronzo Chienis, Vallarsa


The rediscovery of tradition in mountain villages

In Ronzo Chienis and in Valmobria – Vallarsa, cribs come to life

What happens when cribs come to life? In Ronzo Chienis and in Vallarsa there are two special events with traditional nativity scenes. Exciting moments and loads of feeling that let us discover stories and places full of charm, and rediscover customs, crafts and traditions of the past.

The living nativity scene in Ronzo Chienis

December 26th

Over one hundred participants participate in the story of the Nativity to make us live moments of suggestion and amazement, accompanied by the music and the emotions of the story of the Birth. We will meet the carpenter, the blacksmith, the washerwoman, the water woman, the baker, the market, the field of shepherds and the musicians who will delight us with the songs of the Christmas tradition. Inside the Osterie, where to warm up with sweets, drinks, roast chestnuts and mulled wine. King Herod and the Roman soldiers will not be missing. The angels and shepherds will then accompany you to the hut for the meeting with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

The living nativity scene in Valmorbia – Vallarsa

The scenic village of Valmorbia in Vallarsa for one evening turns into Bethlehem. Among the narrow cobbled streets, in the courtyards and cellars of the ancient village of Vallarsa, the people of the village stage the figures of the crib. The Nativity in a stable surrounded by angels and musicians awaiting the arrival of the procession with the Magi and their gifts, but also the market, the Roman soldiers, the grinder, the scribe, the smith, the basket maker, the carpenter and bakers and the other figures of the nativity scene. An evocative scenery made magical by the particular conformation of the village of Valmorbia, by the warmth of its inhabitants and by the Christmas atmosphere of Vallarsa.

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