Mas del Gnac

Organic fruit products and syrups

At Mas del Gnac we offer work-training opportunities to people in social distress.

Mas del Gnac is located just a few kilometers from Rovereto, along the Isera hill, it is the site of the TESEO project of the Cooperativa Sociale Gruppo 78.

The TESEO Project carries out numerous agricultural and assembly processes.  Most of the organic prime materials come from the cultivation of the countryside surrounding the farm,  which are then transformed in our lab/kitchen.  Different types of fruit and vegetables are then made into compotes, juices, syrups as well as tomato purée and sauerkrauts.

Electromechanical and paper operations are carried out in our assembly laboratory.

Our products are sold under the “Mas del Gnac” brand, which takes its name from our Farm.  We have a store that is open to the public where you can taste and purchase our products, which are all certified as ORGANIC by ICEA.

Mas del Gnac is a member of Vacanze con Gustocome see us!

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