Sylvatica Farm

Wild. Nomadic. Alpine

Outside: fields, woods and bees, in an environment full of surprising links. Inside: the kingdom of colorful recipes with forgotten flavor herbs, plants with ancient properties and design that meets permaculture.

A young farm immersed in the green of the woods just above the hamlet of Villa Lagarina headed by a tireless harvester, a mountain lover and two nice 4-legged friends.

Here Elisa, Alberto, Ginger and Django welcome you to explore, taste and get to know our mountain territory together through the flavor, taste and remedies of alpine meadows and forests. But why the definition wild, nomadic and alpine?

WILD because Trentino wild plants have unique characteristics determined by their adaptation to their habitat.

NOMADIC because this is the way in which the two young people conduct their harvesting and beekeeping activities: by moving around the area and selecting the tastiest wild plants and the best foraging areas for their bees.

ALPINE because it is precisely the pristine environment of high-altitude alpine forests and meadows that is the protagonist of their botanical expeditions and the foraging environment of their bees. This is the only way they can guarantee them varied, healthy and prolonged blooms throughout the season.

  • Products: Food specialties based on wild plants from spontaneous collection at high altitude, aromatic herbal teas for meditation, herbal teas for outdoor use, alpine flower honey, Mountain wellness cosmetic products based on wild medicinal herbs and herbal soaps.
  • Shops: Open by telephone agreement
  • Tastes: On reservation
  • Group visits: On reservation

Info and map

Sylvatica Farm by Settin Elisa

Operational headquarters: Torano, Fraction of Pedersano in Villa Lagarina (TN)

Registered office: via Donizetti 10, 38060 Villa Lagarina (TN)

M: +39 334 3156337


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The company’s sales point is open by telephone agreement.

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