Dalzocchio winery

A passion for Pinot Noir

A winery overlooking Vallagarina where its owner, Elisabetta Dalzocchio, has decided to retrace her father’s footsteps in the world of wine, especially in the production of Pinot Noir.

The property, born in 1979, today consists of two hectares of forest and two hectares of vineyards for the exclusive cultivation of Pinot Noir, a choice born from the desire to find the right expression of a terroir that speaks of itself through wine.

Surrounded by mountains, woods, oaks and coniferous plants, it is immersed in a unique and suggestive hilly environment which, thanks to the breeze that constantly blows from Lake Garda, enjoys a microclimate that is extremely suitable for the cultivation of this specific variety.

The harvest is done by hand, with a selection of bunches to get only the best ones. Vinification takes place in open oak vats to ensure spontaneous fermentation in accordance with tradition. The wine is finally aged in oak barrels for 18 months, a process that gives the characteristic hints of small fruits and spices.

A wine that reflects the passion and hard work of its owner in each glass.

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Dalzocchio winery

Via Vallunga Seconda, 50
38068 Rovereto (TN)

M: +39 333 9695989



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