Salizzoni winery

A family welcome halfway between Trento and Rovereto

Salizzoni winery is located in the historic center of Calliano in the heart of the “vineyard” of Vallagarina in the basin enclosed by Castel Beseno and the strongholds defending Rovereto.

Born in 1986 from Valter‘s passion for cultivating his fields and producing a wine that reflects the reality of the territory, the company has now reached important quality levels. The five hectares of vineyards that extend in the municipalities of Calliano, Nomi and Isera are cultivated with the double and simple “pergola” system.

The cellar is housed in the ancient Palazzo Valentini from the eighteenth century where the wine is made and aged in small oak barrels. The company is then completed with the small and welcoming farmhouse that offers tourists the opportunity to stay and taste the company’s products.

Among these, Marzemino stands out, the emblematic wine of the valley, the red that has allowed Vallagarina to conquer incredible goals in kindness supported by elegance and typicality. A genuine wine, anything but simple that contains an historical and suggestive cross-section where the human contribution, the natural qualities of the vine and the goodness of the product itself come together in one.

If the Marzemino expresses the so-called “viticultural terroir”, the Salizzoni Agricultural Company also offers other wines in the varied production such as the classic Chardonnay, very fruity and with a floral composition, the “Perlato”, obtained from the best grapes of Rülander, the “Palazzo Valentini” aged in small oak barrels and finally the “Victor”, an important red introduced in 2006 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of success, as well as as a gratification to the founder of the company, Vittorio, father of Valter.

In doing so, the company represents a testimony of our territory as a community, capable of becoming an ambassador thanks to the knowledge of the wine product in distant places, this remains an aspect of great importance and therefore always recurring in corporate strategies. Of certain importance is the inclusion in the company of his son Luca, who recently graduated from the Agricultural Institute of San Michele All’Adige, which represents the guarantee of business continuity as well as the evolution towards the future towards increasingly important goals.

  • Products: Sparkling, white, red and meditation wines
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Salizzoni winery

Via Valentini, 31
38060 Calliano (TN)

T: +39 0464 834087
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