Salizzoni winery and agritourism

A Family welcome in an historical wine cellar

Salizzoni winery was born in the historical center of Calliano in the heart of the vineyard of Vallagarina. Opened in the 1986, the winery is in the ancient Palazzo Valentini of the XVIIIth century.

Salizzoni winery is in Calliano, a small village in Vallagarina valley surrounded by vineyards and castles as Castel Beseno.

Valter the owner of Salizzoni winery, created his cellar and since 1986 he produce typical wine as Marzemino dei Ziresi and Moscato Giallo Castel Beseno. Five hectars of vineyards are cultivated in municipal territories of Calliano, Nomi and Isera.

The cellar, builded from of the old 18th-century building, is used for winemaking and refining in small durmast oak barrels. The small holiday farm gives the guests the pleasure of savoring the genuine farm products and wines.

Now Valter and his sohn Luca work togheter, to guarantee of continuity and evolution towards the future and towards more and more important aims. The winery has also an agritourism that offers, to his guest, the possibility to spend their holidays tasting the products of their vineyard.

  • Products: Marzemino dei Ziresi, Moscato giallo Castel Beseno
  • Shops: open to the pubblic
  • Tastes: on request
  • Group visits: on request

Info and map

Salizzoni winery

Via Valentini, 31
38060 – Calliano (TN)

T: 0464 834087
F: 0464 661371


    Opening time

    Opening time: from Monday to Saturday 8 am- 7 pm
    Closing time: Sunday afternoon


    Guided tour: on request

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