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Games and Jests among Courtyards and Palaces

The city centre of Ala envelops you in a silky fairy tale through music, culture, tastes and people from the 1700. Concerts, plays, tasting menu and guided tours are on program.

During the summer months, the centre of the town, one of the most significant and well-preserved hamlets of Trentino, comes alive with the atmospheres of an enchanted, noble age.

The event recalls the splendor of the eighteenth century, period of time during which Ala was a main centre for the production of silk velvet.

During the weekend, the palaces open up and hundreds of costumed actors guide the visitors through the secrets of this fascinating century, the alleys and squares of the town turn into stages for plays. In the courtyards and gardens, visitors can discover the activities of the past and taste the exquisite dishes and delicious wine of Trentino.

Every year of “Ala, City of Velvet”, a peculiar theme is chosen to connect the events and entertainments offered to the visitors: the central theme of 2016 is the game.

Throughout  the eighteenth century, being familiar with the playing cards and dices, was indeed essential for those who attended the courts, because it was the key to integrate oneself and to be noticed.

In the open spaces people used to play hide-and-seek, or to play with balls, shuttlecocks, rings, kites, soap bubbles and ropes.

Here, the main events of “Ala, City of Velvet”:


  • h. 17 Presentation and Inauguration of the event;
  • h. 18 Opening concert; Mozart’s Sonate for violin and fortepiano- concert of antique instruments with Sigiswald Kuijken (Violin) and Temenuschka Vesselinova (Fortepiano);
  • h. 19 Opening of the courts and guided tours through the city centre;
  • h. 21.30 “Velluto sotto spirito” – theatrical performance in San Giovanni square with the “Compagnia della Stella” and “Associazione Culturale Vellutai Città di Ala”;
  • h. 23 overnight tours of the cellars of the city centre.



Opening of the animated courtyards and palaces (guided tours), street artists, laboratories for children, street markets, theatrical performances, tasting of wines and dishes, FOOD FOR CELIACS IS AVAILABLE IN EVERY COURT.


Concerts, overnight tours of the cellars, tasting of wines and traditional products, theatrical plays.


Ala, City of Velvet: the Shows:

  • Friday 8th July:

“Concerto giocoso” (“Playful concert”)- concert of the Banda Sociale of Ala, with funny intermissions.

  • Saturday 9th July:

“Sognami, Trovami, Amami” (Dream of me, Find me, Love me”)- circus show by Circo bianco. A fairy tale based on the game of love, where jugglers, dancers, waders are trying to reach goal, with acrobatics that will leave the spectators breathless. Fire games, contemporary dances and other attractions alternate in a fairy tale that is suitable for every age.

  • Sunday 10th July:

“Giochi di colori e luci nella notte” (“Games of colours and lights in the night”)- gran finale with a Firework Show of the  Pirotecnica Sant’Antonio di Padova. The variety of effects used and the beauty of the fireworks are the essential characteristics that make this show very exiting and high-quality.


Walks, laboratories, a photographic treasure hunt, concert-tour of the Museum of the Antique Pianoforte and guided tours of the city centre accompanied by consumed actors.



Promotional orienteering competition open to everybody.

Ala, City of Velvet awaits you in July to envelope you in a silky fairy tale!

Info and map

Ufficio Attività Culturali e Turistiche del Comune di Ala

Piazza San Giovanni – 38061 Ala

T: 0464 674068


Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events