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Not far from Lake Garda, the baroque city center of Ala is waiting for you to live an amazing experience: you have the chance to lose yourself in a fairy tale made of silk,  following aristocratic figures and velvet-makers through the discovery of the music, culture, people and tastes of the eighteenth century…

From Spring to Autumn, every Saturday evening and every first Sunday of the month (in this case combined with a visit to the Museum of Ancient Pianos), it is possible to take part in visits, accompanied by actors who are dressed up with eighteenth-century costumes. Make sure you won’t miss the concerts that will be hosted in July for the event “Ala City of Music” and the historical event “Ala City of Velvet” (14-16 July) when courtyards and palaces turn into stages for the  exciting performances of actors, musicians and artists and for breathtaking shows.

The historic center of Ala wraps you in a silk fairy-tale with music, culture, tastes and people of the eighteenth century. The program includes concerts, shows, tastings and guided-tours.

In the middle of summer the old town of Ala, one of the most significant and well-preserved villages of Trentino, comes alive with atmosphere of a noble and enchanted time.

The event evokes the glories of the eighteenth century, a time when Ala was a very important place for the production of silk velvets.

On weekends, palaces are open. Hundreds of people in period costumes bring visitors through the secrets of this fascinating world. Streets and squares become a stage for events and shows. In the courts and in the gardens you can find the activities of yore and taste delicious dishes with delightful wines of Trentino.

In 2017 we celebrates an important milestone: the twentieth anniversary of “Ala the City of Velvet”. Twenty years of recovery and improvement of places, where history took place. Twenty years of quality cultural offers. Twenty years of events, entertainment and good cooking. Twenty years of emotions and charm.


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Ufficio Attività Culturali e Turistiche del Comune di Ala

Piazza San Giovanni – 38061 Ala

T: 0464 674068


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