Christmas in Vallagarina

“Among the roots of the mountains, just a little above the bravest and tallest vineyards, lives Val. Every year, when the winter breeze blows and the last leaf falls, he brushes off his good clothes and gets ready to go out, to peek at the world outside. His favourite time is Christmas, when people bustle about their homes, lighting them up with colour, lights and warmth. Once the last leaf has fallen from its branch, Val takes the best dress he has and gets ready. His last Christmas had been special, because Val was allowed to decorate his tree with a ball full of the most special things every Christmas in Vallagarina has to offer.”

From November the 24th to January the 7th, come with us to discover Christmas in Vallagarina: from village to town and up to the alpine centres, we will tell you about a hidden Trentino, of art and culture, traditions and ancient flavours.

Discover the history of Val and Christmas in Vallagarina!

Experience Vallagarina’s Christmas in Camper!

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