Panificio Moderno bakery

Bread as agriculture, territory, research and tradition

It all starts from the passion for bread and bakery products of the Piffer family, which from parents Anna and Paolo passed on to their children, a new generation of bakers with the desire to innovate.

Regarding to passion, everything starts from the family, just as in the products everything starts from cereals: selected from the fields together with farmers and stone-ground by trusted millers.

The large naturally leavened loaves take the name of the cereal that characterizes them: tasting them reveals flavours and varieties that tell the territory and not only.

It is impossible to resist the bakery products of the pastry, careful to the selection of ingredients and increasingly innovative. During the festive period not to be missed are the great leavened products, handcrafted with mother yeast and with soft candied fruit prepared in the same laboratory.

You can taste them in the many points of sale in the area:

  • Isera, Via al Ponte 10 – 0464 436196
  • Rovereto, Via Setaioli 2/c – 0464 430634
  • San Giorgio di Rovereto, Via G. A. Prato 87 – 0464 870885
  • Brione di Rovereto, Viale Trento 31/g – 0464 413912
  • Trento, Piazza Lodron 21 – 0461 230484.
  • Products: Bread, pizza and focaccia, pastry products

Info and map

Panificio Moderno backery

Via al Ponte, 10
38060 Isera (TN)

T: +39 0464 436196


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