Antica segheria veneziana

The story of an entire valley that lived off of woods and timber

The ancient sawmill: etnographic museum of ancient crafts and cultural centre of Terragnolo valley.

Just a few steps from Maso San Giuseppe in Terragnolo in Valli del Leno, you will find an 18th-Century Venetian sawmill, renovated with the intention of enhancing the local cultural identity and its historic patrimony. Allow us to accompany you to the discovery of a new museum tour about ancient crafts. Rediscover a forgotten wood-cutting method: the water-wheel. Observe the enormous, centuries-old fir wood wheel, approach dendrochronology, the study of the growth rings of tree trunks, useful for naturalistic, and historicarcheological research.


Comune di Terragnolo

Frazione Piazza, 14

38060 Terragnolo

T: +39 0464 396122

    Opening time

    Antica Segheria Veneziana is open from Friday to Sunday from 2.00pm until 6.00pm.

    Due to containment measures of COVID-19, guided tours can only be made every 40 minutes. The entrance is allowed to only 5 visitors at a time and the use of the mask is mandatory.



    • free until 6 years.
    • from 6 years 2,00 €.

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