Local Nature Park of Monte Baldo

Protected Area of Trentino rich in rare flowers and preglacial plants

A Green Flag Award site of Legambiente, Local Nature Park of Monte Baldo is the ideal destination in Trentino for a nature holiday with wonderful vistas of Lake Garda

One slope of the Local Nature Park of Monte Baldo overlooks Lake Garda, while the other faces the Adige valley. Here you will find snow-capped peaks in winter, beautiful landscapes with extraordinary vistas over lake Garda in the summer, flowering meadows in spring and colorful beechwoods in autumn.

The Park is characterized by rich biodiversity. Because of this, for centuries it has been the popular destination for scholars, naturalists, chemists and pharmacists. Already in 1500 it was known as “Hortus Italiae”, Garden of Italy, a place for gathering officinal herbs, study of their possible use in modern pharmacopoeia, research in the field of botany, geology and other natural sciences.

The biodiversity of the Local Nature Park of Monte Baldo is manifested in a rich variety of habitats and species of plants and animals. We have classified the following:

  • 20 Different habitats of Community importance (60% of the 57 habitats of Community importance in Trentino);
  • 1,655 Species of plants (equal to 70% of the 2,359 species of vascular plants in Trentino);
  • 9 Species of amphibians ( equal to 69% of the 13 species of amphibians in Trentino);
  • 8 Species of reptiles (equal to 73% of the 11 species of reptiles in Trentino);
  • 117 Species of birds (equal to 75% of the 156 species of birds during the breeding season in Trentino);
  • 42 Species of mammals (equal to 55% of the 76 species of mammals in Trentino).

Established in 2013, the Park includes territories belonging to 5 municipalities of TrentinoBrentonico, Mori, Avio, Ala, Nago Torbole – and a range of protected areas located at an altitude that varies from a few hundred meters above sea level to altitudes above 2,000 m. The park’s mission is to preserve the species specificity and to support traditional local activities, from animal husbandry to agriculture, for an economic development based on sustainability.

Info and map

Parco Naturale Locale del Monte Baldo

c/o Comune di Brentonico
Via Fabio Filzi, 35 – 38060
Brentonico (TN)

T: +39 0464 399103
F: +39 0464 399120



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