Mountain Bike

Mountain bike trails on the Peace Path in Trentino

A spectacular trekking path links trenches, forts and tunnels, it is ideal for mountain bikes lovers too!

Where a century ago there used to be the long Italian alpine and Kaiserjäger trooper rows, the nature hides the symbols of a tragedy that upset Europe: trenches, tunnels, forts, barracks, artillery stationing can be found along the frontline, between bare rocks and fields.

From Monte Baldo to Val di Gresta, from Zugna to Pasubio, the Sentiero della Pace (Peace Path) crosses the mountains and the theater of the Great War, where today meets the descendants of the people that used to fight.

Ride your mountain bike and go along this path: between ancient forests, alpine fields and stunning landscape you will totally feel in your element. You only have to be sure to ride on the allowed itineraries for mountain bikes and to observe the safety norms.

For example, we advise you to try at least a part of the fasmous Mountain&Garda Bike, a trail that leads from Lake Garda to Monte Baldo and Val di Gresta. If you have enough breath, you can try the additional ascent to Monte Altissimo. From the peak (m 2.079) you will enjoy a breathtaking view on the whole Lake Garda and the spectacular Dolomites. You can also ride on the side tour of Bordala, where you will ride across the fields of Val di Gresta, the organic vegetable garden of Trentino.


If you need technical assistance for your bike, or if you want to rent one there are many rental businesses, retail stores and workshops along the route.


from 0.5 to 8.6 hours


from 4.1 to 44.4 km