Sport fishing

Fishing in Trentino, where the streams are rich in ichthyic fauna

In Vallagarina wild fish lives in clear waters of beautiful nature reserve.

Recreational fishing in Vallagarina

Do you like fishing?

Limpid water, right and left effluents of River Adige, full of unique emotions, wonderful landscapes and Fario Trout. Noteworthy to fishermen are: the two branches of steam Leno in Vallarsa and Terragnolo, torrent Ala and steam Sorna on Brentonico Plateau.

Lakes and basins are an ideal destination to enjoy quiet meadows, make simple walks and experience the beauty of Vallagarina or spend a few hours in total relaxation.

Here you could find some picturesque suggestions for fishing, thanks to Associazione Pescatori della Vallagarina (Fishermen Association of Vallagarina):

  • River Adige
    What could you fish? Marble trout and grayling
  • Steams: Leno of Terragnolo and Vallarsa, Sorne, Cavallo, Astico, Aviana, Ala
    What could you fish? Fario trout and Marble trout
  • Sees: Lake “Speccheri”, Busa-Basin, San Colombano-Basin, Lake “Prà da Stua” and Lake “Cei”.
    What could you fish? Only wild fish in Lake “Speccheri”, wild Fario trout and rainbow trout in other basins and pike in Lake “Cei”.

In steams of natural reserve of Vallagarina you’ll find only wild fish.

Usefull information

Do you want to spend an unforgettable fishing day in Vallagarina?

Reach Mr. Marco Simonini (T. +39 335 6463080 – or Mr. Lorenzo Casetti (T. +39 340 9465443  – our expert  Trentino Fishing Guides, who will take you the best places and give some advices about good areas, techniques and equipment.

Keep in mind that the Fishing Techniques allowed are with natural and artificial bait and remember that Vallagarina hosts some special regulations for no-kill areas for fly-techniques!

Map of recreational fishing in Vallagarina

Map of the fishing spots (Google Maps)

Where you can buy fishing licence

There are more chances for fishing-lovers! In other private basins, you could satisfying use fishing rod and reel.

In the Middle of Vallarsa you can find Lake Pojani, where pinnacles of Dolomites reflected in the water; “Malga Mortigola” Lake and the green “Bucaneve Hotel” see, both located in Baldo Natural Park, are a great place for families.

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