Sabbionara d’Avio Castle

The ancient and evocative Property of the FAI welcomes you to Trentino

Among the vineyards of Sabbionara d’Avio, the frescoes of the castle recount love, but also stories of war and episodes of battles.


The Avio castle is one of the Trentino’s most well-known, ancient and most-evocative fortified monument. From its location, along the slopes of Monte Vignola, the castle dominates the valley almost to Verona. Don’t miss the view of the imposing fortified tower, the massive walls and the five towers.

Most likely a military garrison during the Lombard era, it became the property of the Castelbarco family to then pass into the hands of the Venetians in 1441. Since 1977 the castle has been a Property of the FAI, which has realized an attentive work of restoration.

Upon entering, you will go through a tower door crowned by dove-tailed parapets. On the right, observe the massive shape of the tower which stands out from the eastern walls: it’s the “Picadora”, called that because, according to tradition, convicts were hanged on its terrace.

Inside, you will be enchanted by the splendid cycles of frescoes of the Veronese school: “La parata dei combattenti” (The Parade of Soldiers), on the walls of the “Casa delle Guardie” (Guard House), and “La stanza dell’amore” (The Room of Love), elegant decorations of a courtly taste in the tower.

The Avio Castle can be seen from afar. It is your first welcome to Trentino!


In order to access, it is necessary to comply with the Covid dispositions in respect with the currently in force law.

Info and map

Sabbionara d'Avio Castle

Via al Castello
38063 Avio (TN)

T: +39 0464 684453
F: +39 0464 684299

Parking lots:

  • for cars, 450 m from the castle
  • for buses, in the town of Sabbionara, about 800 m from the castle.


  • FAI

Opening time

Opening hours: from Wednesday to Sunday

  • until 30 September: from 10 to 18;
  • from 1 October to 21 November: from 10 to 17.
  • Last admission half an hour before closing time

Saturdays and Sundays reservation is mandatory within 24 hours.




  • full ticket € 8,00
  • reduced ticket € 4 (children within 6-18 years and students under 25 years)
  • free for FAI members, children within 5 years, Museum Pass and Trentino Guest Card owners, National Trust members, Bienfaiteurs Amis du Louvre members, Avio Municipality residents, people with disabilities and their carers
  • families € 21 (2 adults + 2 or more children within 6 and 18 years)

Prices can change due to special events.

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