Turkish hause

Arabic architecture and ancient trades between East and West

An architectural curiosity of Rovereto, the casa dei Turchi (house of the Turks) stands in the district of Santa Maria, a beautiful part of the city. Immersed in the sound of the waterfalls, it overlooks the Forbato Bridge, the most ancient bridge of the city.

The house is cosy and secret, its name comes from the ancient wood verandas, that recall elements of the Arabic architecture: the Mashrabija, sensual masks that let you see without being seen, the name is also related to its history between silks and trades, from 1500 a bridge between East and West.

Restored with the approval of the authority, it is an historic building in the ancient village of San Tomaso, now Via Santa Maria, on the stream Leno.

Today the casa dei Turchi is also a B&B with a beautiful view on the castle of Rovereto.

Info and map

Casa dei Turchi

Via Santa Maria
38068 Rovereto (TN)

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