Zandonai Theatre

The first theatre in Trentino was born in the eighteenth century

The Theatre of Rovereto was built in 1783, following the project of the architect Filippo Maccari.

It was the first theatre built in Trentino, sign of the cultural ferment of Rovereto. It was then restored and renovated in the 19th Century to become as we can see it nowadays.

During the First World War it was used as a stable, warehouse and barracks. Deprived of furniture and decors, only the memory remains of its majesty. But the love of Rovereto for its Theatre made it possible to give it back to the population in less than one year.

The opera “Francesca da Rimini” of Riccardo Zandonai, the famous composer from Rovereto, to whom the theatre is dedicated, ratifies in 1919 the second birth of the theatre. In 1924 the renovation of the building is completed and the theatre, totally restored, was inaugurated at the presence of Prince Umberto di Savoia.

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Zandonai Theatre

Corso Bettini, 82
38068 Rovereto (TN)

T: 0464 452253 / 0464 452256 (Ufficio Cultura Comune di Rovereto)


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