Biotope of Taio

Bird-watching near the Adige river

In Vallagarina, between Trento and Rovereto, an enchanting place tells a story of over a hundred years ago. Here you can admire beautiful migratory birds passing by.

In Vallagarina, in the area that connects the municipalities of Nomi, Volano and Calliano, lies the Biotopo del Taio, a 4.5 hectare marshy area surrounded by green vineyards.

The name Taio, which in the Trentino dialect means “cut”, derives precisely from the way this area was created at the end of the nineteenth century. Here the Adige created a wide loop: it was one of the largest wetlands in the entire valley, known in local scientific circles as a precious guardian of rare plant and animal species.
Despite this wealth, over the years the area was subjected to numerous interventions, real “cuts” that reduced its length to make room for new land for agriculture. Fortunately, in the nineties the area was restored with specific attention to the needs of migratory birds.

Today, along the route, a wooden tower allows you to observe the stagnant area from above to see the local birds that live in the vegetation including the mallard, the coot, the moorhen and the reedbug, but also the numerous exotic species that consider the biotope a convenient staging area during migratory movements.

The biotope is easily reachable on foot or by bicycle from Nomi, Volano and Calliano along the sunny Adige cycle path, from where it is also possible to admire the ancient Castel Pietra and the majestic Castel Beseno which dominates the valley from the top of its hill.

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