Calliano, a village between castles

An ancient village in Trentino surrounded by castles, vineyards and mountains

Calliano, a charming village in Trentino north of Rovereto, between Castel Beseno and Castel Pietra. Discover frescoed palaces and porticoes which are open for town festivals.

Calliano is 10 minutes far from Rovereto, you can also go there by bike, cycling along the Adige bike path. The village, surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of vineyards and mountains, is situated along Rio Cavallo, the stream that descends from Folgaria and flows into the Adige River. Near the “Zambel” in Calliano, you find the characteristic waterfall of the Rio, where the water runs fresh and clear.

On account of its strategic position, Calliano was the scene of the fierce battle of 1487, which put an end to the expansionist agenda of the Republic of Venice in this alpine region. It’s no coincidence then that we find two medieval castles near the village: on one side, atop a hill, you can admire the impressive Beseno Castle, on the other side, Pietra Castle, recently renovated.

Don’t miss a visit to the arcades and a stroll through the vineyards up to the stately mansions with frescoed facades in the old town center. Don’t forget to also visit the Church of San Lorenzo, the Church of S.Sebastiano and Fabiano and the main square restored to its ancient splendour.

In Calliano you can travel, either mountain bike or on foot, along the many paths of the art itinerary that connect the village to Castel Pietra, Castel Beseno, the neighboring municipalities of Volano and Besenello, passing through places of artistic interest and beautiful natural landscapes.

In the summer, Calliano also organizes fairs and festivals, such as the “Sagra dell’Addolorata” and the “Magnalonga”, the first food and wine walking tour in Trentino.

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Calliano City Hall

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