Villa Lagarina, a Mozartesque aura

Visit the church Santa Maria dell’Assunta, along the roads of Mozart in Trentino

Villa Lagarina: visit the Museo Diocesano Tridentino with the Lodron family’s heritage of art and liturgy and the old town center with its splendid palazzi and large fountains.

North of Rovereto, Villa Lagarina is a small city of art with splendid palazzi. Its center is decorated with marble fountains, such as the large “fountain of the watermelon”.

The church of Santa Maria dell’Assunta, one of the most important Baroque monuments of Trentino and Palazzo Libera, seat of the Museo Diocesano Tridentino, that houses many exhibits, are a must-see.

Among the other palazzi of the old town center, you can admire the majestic Palazzo Guerrieri-Gonzaga, Palazzo Camelli, today the municipal seat, and the nearby Palazzo Madernini and Palazzo Marzani.

In Piazzo we wish to point out the Marzani spinning mill and in Pedersano the Church of S. Lazarus.

If you arrange it with the proprietor, you may visit the castle of Castellano.

In the surrounding area we recommend a walk to the romantic Lake of Cei, surrounded by lovely beechwoods and pinewoods. You can walk around lake and lay in the meadows that surround it for a thoroughly relaxing afternoon. Or you can go on many excursions on foot and by mountain bike.

A lively town on the Adige’s right bank, Villa Lagarina and the neighbouring area offer a rich calendar of events: in spring “De mas en mas”, a delicious walk through forests, vineyards and rural farmsteads in the countryside of Pedersano, in summer the concerts of “Castelfolk” and the festival of the watermelon.

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